What's In The Adic?
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About Us

The Boys

The boys in the Adic love sports, brackets, and love getting drunk on Saturday mornings. Conversations include baseball, football, beer, and welcoming all opinions. Any opinion can be a fantastic opinion, as long as they have a good reason. Nic, Adam, and Chris put out new episode every Sunday on iTunes and SoundCloud.


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This is the most fun that three guys have ever had in one room together! They give you facts, figures, and funny anecdotes!
— - Stevie M
They’re all right I think. I don’t really listen to them but they’re cute.
— Taylor M.


what’s the adic?

What's In The Adic? started in the pantry at Kauffman Stadium. Adam and Nic would chat every game and other employees would stop and listen. After numerous people mentioning that Adam and Nic should start a show, they finally listened. Adam became the Ad and Nic became the Ic. After a successful session in the batting cages, Adam and Nic met with one of Adam's long-time friends, Chris. Chris is an experienced podcast producer and was what was needed to start the trio that is What's In The Adic? After getting a logo and the studio that Chris helped create, the Adic was established. Many segments and beers later, the Adic has been gaining steam with their listeners (what we like to call Adics). 

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