The Boys

A little more about the Boys who got it all started.

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Nic Yonter

A High School Soccer standout, a Fiancé, a dog father, and a friend. Just a few of the many wonderful ways to describe Nic Yonter. He works like a machine but always finds time to hang with the boys in the Adic. Much like his counterparts, he LOVES sports and people. Particularly making others happy. After all, that’s what life’s all about.

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Adam Volkert

When having the pleasure of meeting Adam, one wonders how they ever made it without knowing this fine gentleman. His baseball thoughts, factlets, and all-around spunk make every moment enjoyable when in his presence. The way to his heart is an ice cold Michelob Ultra and thoughtful conversation. Adam loves to compete and will bring his A game each and every time while bringing out the absolute best in others.

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Chris Wallman

Chris is an Air Force Veteran who now calls Kansas City Home. He does stand up comedy when he isn’t making stupid bets with Adam. KC may be his home now but he will always be a Cornhusker. GO BIG RED!